Please Don’t Wait

Time is limited but life is not.

And isn’t that wonderful.

See, if we had forever, now might lose its urgency. We might wait until tomorrow to do what’s important today. And I’m here to say:

And please don’t quit.

As you may know, as well as being a Creative Coach, I’m a writer. I write books for kids and I love it. But before I was published, I almost quit many times. There were bills to pay and some awful jobs to go to. I felt invisible and like nobody would ever care about what I was writing. I was stuck in my creativity for a long time. And I was certainly stuck when it came to putting my writing out into the world.

It led to a journey of trying to figure this out. Why was I stuck? Why couldn’t I seem to get anywhere in my creative career when it was so important to me? It took years to unravel that junk. But it was (and is) worth it. Becoming a coach for creative people was a very unexpected outcome of this journey. And a wonderful one.

I’ve learned there are shortcuts. It doesn’t have to be so hard. The past does not have to equal the future.

So please don’t wait.

Please don’t quit.

Your future self is counting on you.

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