A Different Kind of New Year’s Resolution

It’s New Years, and yeah, we’ve been here before. It’s the time for making resolutions, setting goals, breaking habits, starting that diet on January 2nd

Or is it?

Now, I’m not saying to kick your resolution to the curb if you feel really inspired by it. But sometimes resolutions set us up for a succeed/fail paradigm that can be rigid and unforgiving. And no fun.

So, what about considering a new paradigm? A new way of measuring progress that isn’t rigid and is highly forgiving. It’s starts with a very simple question:

How do you want to feel?

That’s right. Instead of focusing on what you need to accomplish, what if you focus on how you want to feel? Because how we feel is controllable to a large extent. When we wake up in the morning deciding to feel good, that’s usually what follows. Instead of feeling battered about by circumstances beyond our control, we can choose to self-generate good feelings. We can make our own good vibrations.

When we’re consistently more focused on how we want to feel and less on how much we’re getting done, a slow burn shift occurs. We become happiness and satisfaction seekers who can’t help but attract more happiness and satisfaction.

Just a thought.

Wishing you a very Happy New Year no matter how you choose to play it. I’m rooting for you!



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