Super Groups


I love working with groups. It’s a place where growth becomes a shared experience, where we learn from others as we share what’s going on with us. In my groups, I teach the shortcuts I’ve learned to help creative people release their blocks and align with their greatest lives. Plus, we engage in the valuable and life-changing tool of EFT (tapping) that is super effective when used with groups.

In February, I’m opening three groups. At first they were only for actors and writers. But I’ve heard from other kinds of artists who want to be a part of this, too. And I’m open to all of it. Creative people inspire creative people. Period. And I have this feeling, it will all come together perfectly!

What is a super group?

Four people working with me in an ongoing way, concentrating on common issues and themes. Super Groups take placeĀ on the video conferencing site, Zoom. 2x per month, 90 minutes per session. They are recurring.

Your investment:

For 3 hours a month of group coaching with me (in two 90-minute group sessions), your investment is only $150 per month.

If you are interested in joining one of these groups that starts in the first week of February, please fill out the following information and I’ll contact you.

Or create your own custom group of four and present that to me.

Either way, looking forward to seeing you in a super group soon!