DSC_1461B cropI’ve worked with actors, voice-over artists, writers, directors, visual artists, producers, designers, musicians, creative entrepreneurs, and people who are simply creative at heart. Most came to me feeling stuck. Whether it was a writer with writer’s block or an actor who wasn’t booking work, certain themes began to emerge.

It became clear to me that we, as artists (I’m also a children’s book author), often block ourselves from moving forward. We don’t realize it, of course, and that’s what makes it all the more frustrating. The key to change is allowing ourselves the full authentic expression of who we are. But that can be more easily said than done. That’s where I come in.

I am a Creative Coach and EFT Practitioner.

I’m really good at reading people’s energy. I tune into that underlying, unconscious junk that runs our lives — and our creative expression. Using powerful tools (including EFT or ‘Tapping’), I help you remove old beliefs so you can get to the business of authentic and empowered living. I work intuitively, energetically and practically to help you align with your most meaningful and actualized creative life.

As we focus on clearing blocks and raising your vibration, your life changes from the inside out. As the old debris gets cleaned away, the real you emerges and your creativity begins to flow. The part of you that’s been hiding or self-sabotaging begins to feel more safe to step out boldly into the world. And what happens next can be astounding!

When smart, talented people get stuck, it’s very often because there’s an energy block that they can’t see. And that’s what I’m good at seeing.

I have career strategists who send their blocked clients to me so they can do their job better. Because once the energetic blocks are removed, real world strategies are more powerful and effective.

This is how one of my clients, Stacey, describes my work:

Unlike traditional therapy where you spend session after session rehashing the same issues, Dana helps you easily and quickly move the issues and energy blocks out of the way so you can reconnect to who you really are. 

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