Holiday Help (P.S. Feedback Wanted)

It’s that time of year. And that can mean different things to different people.

Even though the holidays are a time of joy and tidings and all that stuff, it can also be a time of uncomfortable feelings. You might be feeling overwhelmed by traveling to see family or sad because you’re spending it alone. Or maybe you’re taking score of the past year unfavorably which is bringing up ‘not good enough’ feelings around family.

My advice: Relax. Be kind to yourself. Feel your feelings and maybe more importantly, observe what or who might be pushing your buttons.

If you take a breath and create a little space between you and your mom when she criticizes you (for instance), you can change the way you react. I’m not above excusing myself from a situation and going into the bathroom to tap. Tapping on meridian points, even if it’s 60 seconds while you’re sitting on the toilet, can do a world of good in making you feel better. Don’t swallow those feelings! Tap them out! Tapping can help de-charge your anger or sadness or guilt and help you more consciously deal with the situation.

For more information about tapping, I recommend going to The Tapping Solution and/or EFT Universe.

Sending you lots of good energy and support for these holidays!

With love,


P.S. Feedback wanted: I’m thinking about offering group sessions in the new year. Probably on Zoom, for 3-4 people per group. Why? Because groups can be wonderful settings for healing and change, plus it would make working with me more affordable for those on a budget. If anyone is interested in this possibility, please let me know, and I’ll start developing something. xo

4 thoughts on “Holiday Help (P.S. Feedback Wanted)

  1. Lauren Garvey

    Love this Dana! Even the best of family situations have those moments. I love the excusing myself from the situation ( giving myself a timeout 😊) and I will breathe and tap when necessary.
    Happy holidays my friend! Enjoy!

  2. Tari L Bramlett

    Thank you for this little reminder! I purchased Nick Ortners latest book and am going to start reading tomorrow after my doctors appointments!! xo


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